The Year 2017

This year, the band celebrates 15th anniversary of Ravenclaw. Soon we are going record anoher official videoclip and a single. There have already been confirmed dates for summer festivals, a few of them with special guest KAI HANSEN. There is also a surpise waiting for our fans. We are looking forward to the concerts, making songs, the next recording ... heavy metal is the law !!!

The Year 2016

In the beginning of the year, the band Ravenclaw was pleased to be a part of worldwide project - "Metal Music Compilation Globalliance Vol l" on which the band presented their own music and country to the world. The band played concerts at rock festivals "Rock pod Kameňom" and "Cassoviance Metalliance Fest." In the summer, a video agency shot a videoclip to the song "Think", but the band took charge of cutting and finalization. Surprise for fans of the festival "More Than Fest" was that a new mini-album "Presage" was baptized by Kai Hansen, who also sang with the band a song from this mini-album called "Their feelings". Another milestone in the history of the band was a performance at a concert in Hamburg, as a support for the band Masterplan on their tour. With Christmas concert in Košice, the band successfully completed the year 2016.

The Year 2015

We were pleased to be invited to Šternberk (CZ) as headliners in the motor racing event Ecce Homo. Rock Festival Pod Kameňom 2015 was sunny and Ravenclaw enjoyed it during its three full days, both as performers and spectators. :) Revival of the festival MORE THAN FEST in Banska Bystrica's amphitheater brought the band Ravenclaw record number of viewers. On the day of the festival there came out a CD single 2015 titled Their Feelings and was enjoyed by many fans. The band enjoyed the home audience in Cassovians Metalliance fest.

The Year 2014

The slovak organizer and a booking agency EPG approached us about the support for the metal legends called Primal Fear, led by Ralph Scheepers. Soon we are planning to record official video clip and single/EP. We are looking forward to the new concerts, making a new material in band´s reheasal room. Lots of work and fun awaiting.

The Year 2013

In the beginnig of the year 2013 we took part in the Wacken metal battle competition. Semifinals was in Prešov. As we progressed into the finals, we have done a little trip to Bratislava. We defend a honest 4th place. In the summer we played at the open air festival „Rock under the castle“. We also started studio recordings. At the end of the year it was a mini-tour in Ukraine. As a surprise for us and the fans, in the end of the year, the original drummer Juraj came back to the band. We were very happy when the slovak organizer and promoter spoke to us about supporting for the bands Masterplan and Lordi on their slovak tour.

The Year 2012

In February the band took part in the project WACKEN metal battle Slovakia, in which we won the honourable 3rd place. The next important concert was a part of ROKOKO, where we were invited as the guests for the celebrations of Košice days. In October we played at festival MAIDAY along with the bands like legend Horkýže Slíže. Many changes happened in the year 2012, we exchanged few drummers. Until the end of the year when we met Boris, the now day drummer. Also because of our guitarists Mošo´s work load, we were made to take a break with him.

The Year 2011

The band played again a few but important concerts. Appearance on High Street in Kosice was a part of the World Hockey Championships 2011 in Kosice. Playing before the German band Raygun Rebels on Metal Party in Kosice. Performing at motorcycle festival – „Čermeľský kvet 2011“. Or a concert as the support of the Hungarian legend called POKOLGÉP. At the end of the year we managed to do a UKRAINIAN minitour with band called Killchain. The band currently works on a new album.

The Year 2010

At the beginning of the year we received a „great“ gift. We lost our rehearsal room. We were looking for a new one almost the whole year. In Košice – „ The Main city of European Culture 2013" it was not possible to find a room for the band and to promote the culture of youth. What a shame. The first concert in 2010 was in Krakow, at Love it hard festival. Headliners were the Polish legend band called Turbo, Jelonek and Crystal Viper. Followed by other concerts, among them, we also played with famous Evergrey, or with Czechoslovakian legend called Fermata. As the most members of the band are employed, we decided to play fewer concerts and give more power and energy emphasis on creating the new album that we hope to publish soon for our beloved fans. We recorded a song called Humanmark, which was released on a compilation CD of the best Czech and Slovak underground metal bands by Šrotowisko magazine (October 2010). End of the year we finished with the concert at home in a rock club in Košice named Collosseum. Juraj (the drummer) has after eight years of playing with us decided to part. He chooses his own musical direction without further cooperation. We quickly found a new reinforcement called Filip, who knew our songs and production. The first concert we are going to play together is on the 14th.january 2011, in the pretty town of Humenné.

The Year 2009

At the beggining of the year we played with a legend of the metal tenor singing Andre Matos and his band coming from Brasil to play in Košice’s Jumbo centre. In Stropkov’s musical league we took the 3rd place. We also played on the 0th Boženka fest. The band started to record their new album at the beginning of July. We took a little break over the summer holidays due to the Zero interest from the commercial festival organizers to include us in their program. The first concert after the holidays was at the rock festival Bardrock.After that we took part at the Prague’s competition Skutečná liga and played a concert in a rock club as well. Later followed a brilliant opportunity to play with the legend from the Czech Republic, the band Arakain, at the Jumbo centre in Košice. The long awaited album „Ravenclaw-Welcome to the Ravenland“ will be cristened by a magical elixir in Košice, 5th of December 2009 and in High Tatras on the 27th of December 2009 by rocks, green branch and the snow.

The Year 2008

The band plans to play even more concerts than over the last years. At the beginning of the year the band has taken part at the musical competition muziKE, where they won the audience prize and the members of the band itself has invented the name for this happening. On the 2nd of May the band has won the First prize in the 10th annual rock band competition named ROKOKO and is slowly preparing for recording the new album. There were few concerts before the summer holidays. In November we finaly decided to start making a video to accompany the song „Black eyed death“..we will see when it will be ready.. On the New Years Eve, in December 2008, we had an opportunity to play on the main stage in Košice city centre and have very successfully ended the old year.

The Year 2007

In order to please our fans, for 2007 we have made a resolution to improve our music not only in musical, but also in technical aspect. So from the beginning we have focused on playing the concerts more frequently in several Slovak towns and to record a notable demo version. Our desire to contact our fans had been realized on April 12th 2007, when after live concerts in Bratislava and Zilina we have launched our own website During 2007 we had gradually fulfilled more of our wishes – we have recorded our first demo version along performing 12 live concerts and winning local music contest "Rebrik" in December with the song "Duality".

The Year 2006

Movement of the band took action fall at the beginning of the year. As a result of differences among members, Peťo and Laďo decided to leave the band. We were looking for other musician, that would replace them. On 3 of March 2006 we played the last concert in original configuration. Very soon we found good and talented guitar player Peťo but there was still problem where to find a good bass player living around Košice. We decided to admit Tonka – sister of our drummer and singer and after also a second guitar player “Mosho“. As it has showed it was a good choice. Maťo can fully devote all his energy to singing and the sound of our music is improving. In september our band joined Gabi- keybords. He brought a new traits and new energy into our final sound. After a significant personal changes we starts again, stronger and ready to break through in this field. We will try to do our best!

The Year 2005

We composed plenty of new songs and played some gigs. In June Maťo went abroad so we stayed without the drummer. He came back in September that we could start playing again. Afterwards we did a little experimenting adding some harder power and trash into our songs and searching for own style. For christmas of 2005 we got sucks present – we lost our rehearsal room, so it was extremely difficult to compose and test our new songs.

The Year 2004

Unfortunately the year 2004 began as extremely difficult, because we lost our rehearsal room so it happenen to be impossible to compose and to test our songs. As it happened we couldnt do anything until february when we got our first offer to play in the club called TUBA. That was also our fist opportunity to play in front of the big audience on 27 of February 2004. We played 12 of our songs together with some cover songs from Helloween. Despite a very short time to warm up and sound difficulties at the beginning we had an exellent backup from audience over our expectations. As the summer was coming we got more and more opportunities to play live what made us very happy. In May and June we started as the opening band for PUNKREAS and slovakian legend of deathmetal DEPRESY. After that the rest of the summer was inactive what was caused by Peters leaving. After our summer break we got unpleasant surprise – we lost the rehearsal room again so we could not do anything until November the first. After that we composed and played happyly again in our new rehearsal room.

The Year 2003

In October of 2003 Peťo - bassguitar joined the the band. As a trio the already had some songs made so there was nothing in the way in composing more. Most of the music and texts has been done by Maťo, but the final cut is done by everyone in the rehearsal room. Our favorite style is heavy power/metal and also most of our songs has that nature. We pay lots of attention to melody of our songs.

The Year 2002

Band Ravenclaw was founded in the year 2002 in town called Košice. It began as a trio of a Maťo – guitar and vocals, Láďo – guitar and vocals, Juro – drums.